Giving It All Away – An Interview with Ted Oswald

David Gaughran

becauseweareBack in April, I stumbled across a wonderful novel called Because We Are: A Novel of Haiti by Ted Oswald. I think I was only half-way through when I started hunting him down on the internet to tell him how much I liked it.

I don’t usually chase people across cyberspace to give them a review, but this was a remarkable book.

I also knew that once you guys heard the backstory, you would want to know more. After a soupçon of cajoling, Ted agreed to be interviewed…

First of all I’d like to thank Ted for coming along today. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of reading Because We Are yet, perhaps you could kick off by telling us a little about the story and how you came to write it.

Sure thing. In short, it’s a literary murder mystery set against the backdrop of modern-day Haiti. But…

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